Spiritual Psychotherapy

Wendy Sun is a Toronto-based psychotherapist who helps clients discover, heal and renew through spiritual psychotherapy.
She is registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.
Wendy discovered spiritual psychotherapy following a difficult time in her own life.  It has such a profound impact on her that she felt called
to use this powerful approach of healing to help others find their way out of darkness and into a place of balance, confidence, clarity and

What is psychotherapy?  

Psychotherapy is a constructive process of addressing personal challenges (including emotional conflicts and difficult situations) with a trained therapist.

What is spiritual psychotherapy?

Spiritual psychotherapy considers the mind, body and spirit as equally important components in the healing process and offers an incredibly effective and enlightening process of self-discovery and healing for those who embrace a ‘whole person’ approach.


60 minutes: $160
Contact: wendy@wendysuntherapy.com or 647-262-5844